10 Affordable Ways To Upgrade Your Hi-Fi System Right Now

10 Affordable Ways To Upgrade Your Hi-Fi System Right Now

Sound systems are getting expensive, and upgrading your existing ones is challenging since most upgrades will not be compatible. Hi-fi sound systems are factory tuned to produce high-quality audio, but sometimes they need a bit of upgrade to get that extra quality. However, certain upgrades are available in the market that is universally compatible with all the hi-fi sound systems. These upgrades are easy and not expensive; in fact, many enhancements we’re discussing in this article are entirely free.

So, if you can’t afford a powerful and efficient amplifier, there are countless alternatives in the market that you can try. Following are a couple of affordable ways to upgrade your hi-fi systems for powerful and rich audio. S

Adjust Positioning and Placement of Your Speaker

If you buy a standard speaker, adjusting their position and placement in the room is the best way to enhance the audio of your sound system. Placing them near a wall increases their lower bandwidth; while this may initially appear tempting on some versions, it diminishes bass speed and accuracy.

Careful placement is essential, no matter the speaker type or model. If you want the best sounds, try to place them in a space away from the sound system. Remember, empty spaces amplify sounds as nothing is blocking the sound waves; however, the sound will be muffled and unclear if there is an obstruction.

Similarly, avoid placing your system between the speakers. It may look neater and more attractive, but it will affect the sound quality. Take inspiration from home theatre systems, where the speakers are placed in all room corners to produce surround sound.

Improve Your Power Supply

The best techniques are often the simplest ones. By working on your existing power supply, you will be surprised by the results. You must clean all the power supplies with a proper cleaning agent and wipe any dirt on the plug and main socket. Remember to dry them properly before using them. The sound is often affected by dust on your power supply, so cleaning it regularly should do the trick. Moreover, dedicate a separate electric socket for your system; this reduces the sound of other electrical devices connected to the same one. You should call an electrician for an effective and efficient solution. Another tip is to keep the pre-amp and amplifier near each other, as the distance is also responsible for producing noise between the devices.

Removing the Grilles

Speaker grilles are designed to protect the drivers from dust, cats, and sticky little hands. Sound experts and engineers fine-tune the speaker and test its performance without the grilles. As a result, the quality will differ once the grilles are installed. The grilles are thin and unobtrusive, so there might not be much getting in the way of quality. However, if you remove them, you will get that extra bit of quality. If you can change and remove the grilles regularly, it’s all you need to improve the sound quality of your hi-fi system.

Proper Installation

Most of us use the speakers without giving a second thought about their installation. This is where the professional speaker stands to show their importance. If the speaker is placed loosely on the ground, the vibrations will affect the output of the audio. Therefore, you need to tightly install them to eliminate any loss of audio due to air in the speaker.

Make sure the spikes on your floor stander are secured to the bottom of your speaker. To avoid damage to your hardwood floor, drill multiple holes in the ground to accommodate the spikes. This will hold the speakers firmly and prevent any damage to your hardwood.

Include a DAC

You will notice substantial improvements in your system if you purchase an outboard digital to analog converter (DAC). This will take the load of other components of your hi-fi system, which are responsible for converting digital signals, as there is an external device doing the job exclusively.

Although it will not improve the crappy hi-fi audio, it will provide extra power to improve performance.

Modify Your Phono Stage

Although many systems have a built-in phono stage, introducing an external one will improve the sound quality. You can add extra amplification with a phono stage when using CD players and vinyl, as they are designed to offer higher frequencies.

Bluetooth Receiver

Integrating Bluetooth technology into a hi-fi setup opens up new options, especially if you are interested in a wireless music stream. Although Bluetooth has sonic restrictions, its easy connectivity makes it ideal for any hi-fi system. Several DACs offer wireless connectivity; therefore, adding a Bluetooth receiver allows easy connectivity between devices without sacrificing performance.

Invest in Better Cabling

Some people argue that spending extra money on audio speakers or connectors is a waste. However, investing in high-end cables is the best upgrade for your system. However, you must factor in the quality of other components to get the desired effect from cables. Overall, high-end cables are excellent for improving the performance and quality of your sound system.

Proper Servicing

The maintenance of your system is all you need to improve the quality of your hi-fi system. Most people will invest heavily in a sound system but fail to spend some extra on cleaning kits. Electrical devices like mechanical ones need constant servicing to perform at their maximum. Therefore, buy a cleaning kit and service your hi-fi system; this is probably the only thing holding it back.

Hi-fi Rack

There are two ways to either buy a well-crafted one or make a DIY one. However, when making a DIY one, level it with the ground; otherwise, the distortion will ruin the sound. Similarly, when buying a hi-fi rack, make sure it is according to the room’s specification and floor type.

Hi-fi sound systems might be expensive but upgrading them is cheap, especially if you know some tricks. So take some inspiration from the above ideas and enhance your listening experience.








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