Audio Amplifier Classes and Its Types

Audio Amplifier Classes and Its Types

Amplifiers are an important part of the music and sound industry. They are small devices that amplify the weak input signals and modify their features to make them strong. They are not only limited to sound, but anything electronics-related can use an amplifier. However, its true potential is visible when used to amplify sound. The device is now commonly used in home theatres, large arenas, and concerts. There are different types of amplifiers classified according to their functions and the strength of their output signal. The following is all you need to know about amplifiers.

  1. Class A

This is a common and the simplest amplifier type used to amplify sound in radios and guitars. Class A amplifiers are different from other amplifiers because their input and output devices are continually on full power. This is why these models have the lowest distortion with a linear response, making them a hit with audiophiles worldwide. However, they might not be efficient in consuming energy due to their continuous full power, which can also overheat them. Despite the issue, they are the standard amplifiers in the music industry due to their low distortion.

  1. Class A/B

As the name suggests, Class A/B amplifiers combine the properties of two amplifiers for better efficiency and sound quality. As explained earlier, Class A amplifiers run output devices continually at 360 degrees, whereas the devices are running at 180 degrees in Class B amplifiers. In Class A/B amplifiers, the output devices find common ground and run between 181-200 degrees. This small bump in output allows this amplifier to reduce distortion when it’s practically non-existent. As a result, there is a 50-70% signal amplification; however, the output greatly depends on the devices connected to the amplifier. This device is also good at operating at low levels without overheating it. Class A/B amplifiers efficiency has made it popular with consumers and is one of the bestselling audio devices in the market.

  1. Class G & H

This class of amplifiers is designed for maximum efficiency. Although not recognized by the industry as traditional amplifiers, Class G & H amplifiers are used extensively in concerts, auditoriums, and other large areas. It uses rail switching and rail modulation technology to amplify the signals. The amplifier is designed to control power consumption under different circumstances. For example, the lower rail voltage is used under low power conditions, and under extreme power, the signal is transferred to high rail voltage. Additional output devices need to be attached for perfect functioning. One device is used for low voltage rails while another is kept in reserve as a power booster. Although the sound quality is excellent and there is zero distortion, Class G & H amplifier’s only drawback is its cost. Since additional output devices are necessary, it is unfeasible for household or personal usage. G & H class amplifiers are built for performance and efficient energy consumption; this is why they are a preferred choice for many musicians and serious audiophiles.

  1. Class D

These amplifiers are more energy-efficient than all the previously mentioned devices. While all other amplifiers have more than one output device active, the power is switched quickly between the devices on and off stage in Class D amplifiers. This allows the amplifier to manage the output more effectively while producing an excellent sound amplified up to 90%. The output devices are managed by a pulse width modular mechanism in which square waves of varying frequencies are produced. As a result, the amplifier can amplify the sound up to 100% in theory; however, the same percentage is impossible in real-world scenarios. Class D amplifiers are energy efficient and, unlike other amplifiers, don’t heat up, allowing them to perform excellently while also maintaining healthy battery life.

Fosi Audio Amplifiers

Fosi audio is one of the trusted names in amplifiers. They quickly made a name in American and European markets for durable, efficient, and compact amplifiers. They have a dedicated team of audiophiles and scientists who are regularly working to bring the best in sound technology. From basic amplifiers to its output devices, they have everything that makes an audio company successful. The research and development team at Fosi has come up with various designs and innovations in amplifiers that are widely appreciated in the industry. There are five types of amplifiers that Fosi is selling right now.

  1. Bluetooth amplifiers: Allows wireless connectivity of speakers
  2. Two-channel amplifiers: 4 speakers can be connected, and the power can be distributed equally in each pair.
  3. 1 channel: Apart from 4 speakers, you can also attach a subwoofer with the amplifier.
  4. Mono-amplifier: As the name suggests, they amplify only one signal and are ideal for low-frequency signals.
  5. Sub-woofer amplifier: These amplifiers are designed to only connect with sub-woofers and amplify their sounds.

All the models and designs are tested extensively under extreme conditions, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Amazon’s Best-Seller

You can buy all types of amplifiers and other accessories from Fosi audio’s website and Amazon’s stores. However, the best seller and the one recommended on Amazon is their Class D amplifier BT20A. This is a Bluetooth amplifier that runs on a 24V power supply. The amplifier can run 280 and 320 watts speakers; however, only passive speakers can be connected. The Bluetooth allows wireless connectivity and has a range of 33ft. The design is simple and compact but has powerful output. The device also allows the user to manipulate treble and bass. The device is available on Amazon stores and Fosi audio website and can be shipped worldwide.

Amplifiers greatly increase the quality of sound both indoors and outdoors. They are widely used in the music industry to produce Hi-fi sound and reduce noise for better quality. Fosi audio’s research and development team is working tirelessly to introduce more innovative, efficient, and effective amplifiers. Fosi audio is dedicated to catering to all the needs of audiophiles and musicians worldwide.


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