Fosi Audio TV SoundBar

Fosi Audio TV SoundBar

Fosi Audio A5 Soundbar

Soundbars are significant to modern TVs because most television sets today don’t produce crisp and high-quality sound. This is where the soundbar for TV becomes a necessity rather than a choice. Soundbars are the new revolutionary audio speakers that produce powerful sounds and offer easy connectivity to all types of devices. They have many advantages over standard home theatre speaker systems: small in size, easy to install, and often less expensive.

However, not all soundbars are created equal; they are fine-tuned according to their purpose. For example, some are engineered to offer an immersive gaming experience, while some are tuned for music to offer clearer vocals and beats. However, if you love watching TV and want a complete experience, then a Fosi Audio A5 TV soundbar is the device you are looking for. Despite its sleek and compact design, the speaker is robust and offers cinematic audio, which is difficult to replicate by some of the top brands in the industry.


A larger TV screen deserves a louder speaker, and the Fosi Audio A5 supports 3D virtual surround sound engine for a more immersive audio experience. The soundbar is made for TV; therefore, it can go with almost all types and models of televisions. With 3D virtual surround stereo technology, no matter where you sit in the room, you will hear the same sound quality. The A5 Soundbar is an excellent addition to your home theatres and television sets, and that too at affordable prices.


A5 Soundbar is a low-cost alternative for high-definition sound. It is easy to install, and its small size makes it ideal for moving around without any hassle. The cable cover can be moved up or down with the soundbar to keep the installation clean, and an integrated accelerometer automatically detects the direction of the bar.

The soundbar supports virtual 3D virtual surround stereo, producing powerful, crisper, and more precise sounds. It has an exquisite and simple appearance with no screws that can be seen on the surface. The mesh wrapped around the body makes it resistant to dirt and scratches and easy to clean, giving it durability and longevity. The product is tested under extreme conditions, and we can say it passed all the tests with flying colors with a complete guarantee.

A5 soundbar has HDMI eARC, Optical Fiber (OPT), 3.5mm analog, an Ethernet connector, RCA output for USB A, AUX, and an external subwoofer. It also includes two-way aptX HD Bluetooth 5.0, which has a range of over 10m. Therefore, the soundbar can be connected to all devices and not just televisions.

A5 has dual track-shaped diaphragms and a specially tuned low-frequency EQ. This allows greater sound manipulation according to your taste and liking. Additionally, four EQ sound effect settings and bass and treble controls further enhance the audio and provide a richer viewing experience.

A5 also has stylish options with excellent multi-room interactions. The soundbar has an exquisite appearance and is available in black and white, making it easier to blend in with your room’s aesthetics.

Premium Soundbar With a 60-Degree Elevation

Like other premium soundbars, it contains a room optimization feature that automatically accommodates audio reproduction based on the acoustics of your area, i.e., ADAPTiQ. In addition to these outstanding features, it also has an action-packed setting full of rumble and thump in the bass and a reasonably balanced sound that conveys the dialogue in a clear form. The 60-degree elevation is ideal for the sound to reach all corners of the room without hampering its quality. The angle provides a more immersive and wholesome listening experience. Furthermore, its 60-degree elevation angle reduces sound absorption and offers noise reduction, making the vocals and speech clearer and easy to understand.


A soundbar with multiple connection options is always a bonus because it can be connected to your devices without a hitch and complicated installation routines. And HDMI is one of the easy connections to be used by most existing soundbars, even low-cost models. Fosi Audio’s TV soundbar has an HDMI input source, an ideal setup option for most smart televisions. It offers more reliability when it comes to visual and audio quality.

Another bonus feature is the HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) capability that uses the HDMI output of the soundbar to return audio from the TV. A5 soundbar combines a backchannel speaker and a subwoofer, which other brands fail to offer or ask you to buy separately.

It has 2*20W full-range speakers with a clean and clear sound that outputs large volumes and is debugged by professional sound engineers. The built-in DSP chip plays music and smartly manipulates bass and other audio effects, making it ideal for watching movies and listening to the news. It also supports four types of EQ and 3D virtual surround effects, which will make any audiophile more addicted to sounds. Furthermore, its left and right holes are independently designed, with transparent layers and better stereo sound.  A5 is designed and tested by a group of audiophiles and engineers, so you can be sure the product is made to amplify your auditory senses and enhance the listening experience.

There will always be a difference between the excellent visual quality of a modern flat screen and its poor sound performance, no matter how slim, vibrant, or elegant it may be. As a result, you are forced to shop for powerful alternatives which will burn a hole through your pockets. Fosi Audio is determined to offer a premium listening experience without breaking your finances. A5 TV soundbar compresses powerful audio into a compact design that fits in front of or under your television. It is the only capable speaker that does not require additional enclosures or subwoofers to fill the space. Adding a Fosi Audio A5 setup is the easiest way to make your TV audio experience interesting, clear, and entertaining.





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